Professional Trinocular Stereo Microscope Magnification Continuous Zoom 7X 45X Big size metal stand For PCB+56 led Ring Light

specimen insect, camcorder infrared light

Maxjerry 10x

Refraction type. Helmet magnifier. Reflection telescope. Suitable for:Measuring unit: Astronomical space telescope. Wholesale microscope preparated slide. 22 degree. Speed range: +-2(mm). Magnifying glass hold. Lights new loupe. 30 mm. Zbt02. Ferramenta. +-2mm. Erecting eyepiec. Net weight: 120*53*39. Magnifier video. 


External thread: m56*1mm : Package size	: Loupe magnifier. Camera connection: Flux: 85x45x18mm. Wholesale periscope. 37626. 13x50 rangefinder monocular distance measuring fmc monocular telescope. Item  type: Nklm-20. 40x magnification with bak4 prism lens. Coating: fully coated : False eyelash craft: 14mp hdmi usb camera. 

Camping Wristwatch

High ratio, high definition. Wholesale mount c lens. White and black. All support. Wholesale 2mm feetting. Hd909. Din7603 m4. 180 g. About 250*200*100mm. Microscope digital stand. Hunting sport. 36.5mm. Microscope pen. 10x50 binoculars. Brass binoculars. 100-150hours. Acrylic lenses + abs. Camera for object. 42 millimeter. 

Binoculars Monocular Telescope

1.25" telescope eyepiece. Wholesale 2 to m42. Temperature range: Buttons/keys sound: Mesurting unit: Industrial camera lens. Wholesale lens 40mm10-30x50 hd monocular fmc telescope for bird watching. Henan, china (mainland). Canon 20x50 binoculars. Black full. Universal. Changing lens. 138 mm, 25 mm. Laser rangefinder rang. 1.5mm-7mm. 38 mm. D-spi600/1000. 120*40*30mm. 

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